Data Protection Services

Sytorus is a recognised leader in pragmatic Data Protection deployment, utilising our proven services and products, including assessments, implementation, training and support.

DP Executive Assessment

While our Privacy Impact Assessment (below) focuses on new processing which is being considered by an organisation, our Data Protection Executive Assessment (DPEA) reviews the data management practices already in place within the business, and is similarly based on the eight Data Protection rules within the Irish legislation.

Where any short-falls in such practices have been detected, Sytorus will offer practical, appropriate recommendations as to how such gaps might be addressed and resolved in a timely manner, and with minimal disruption to the organisation's day-to-day business operations.

As with the Privacy Impact Assessment, Sytorus will assess compliance with reference to the eight Rules of the Irish Data Protection legislation, including:

  • Fair Data Acquisition and Processing
  • Compatibility with Specified Purpose
  • Data Security
  • Third Party Organisations
  • Data Quality and Accuracy
  • Adequate and Appropriate Processing
  • Records Management and Retention
  • Data Subject Rights

Privacy Impact Assessment

Sytorus conducts an holistic evaluation of any proposed data management initiative within a project which will involve the processing of personal or sensitive personal data, with reference to the eight Data Protection Rules contained in the European legislation. This is primarily a risk assessment methodology, designed to be compliant with the proposed new EU General Data Protection Regulation.

From this information, Sytorus will collate and draft a Privacy Impact Assessment Report, taking account of the the origin, nature, scope, likelihood and severity of any risk arising from the proposed data processing, taking account of the sourcing and disclosure of personal data within the terms of an organisation’s commercial and operational obligations.

DP Capability Assessment

Sytorus in partnership with the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) have launched the world's first comprehensive Data Protection Capability Maturity Assessment.

This framework is the product of an intensive research program conducted by senior IVI researchers, Data Protection practitioners from renowned organisations and Sytorus over the past year. It is a comprehensive tool which takes the complex area of data protection and through a series of structured assessments describes an organisations data protection capability with a score between 1 and 5. The higher the score the more mature the capability.


  • Your Data Protection capability will be reviewed using a globally leading framework
  • You will be able to compare your capability with your peers & competitors
  • You will increase your understanding about Data Protection issues
  • You will receive prioritised, achievable recommendations for improving capability
  • You will be able to identify high level risks
  • You will get full access to the Data Protection Framework

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