Data Protection Training

We have developed courses that will equip you with the skills necessary to meet the ever demanding needs of the Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Primer Course (2 Days)

Our flagship training product, the Data Protection Primer is designed to provide a pragmatic bedrock for any individual aspiring to be a Data Protection Officer, or an existing Officer looking to supplement their existing knowledge with a framework which is embedded within countless case studies and practical solutions.

The 2 day course is run from our Dublin office, and provides attendees with a clear and comprehensive guide through Irish Data Protection legislation, whilst embedding the law within real life experiences and solutions, found throughout every sector.

In addition. Sytorus trainers use their own experiences as Data Protection Officers to clearly explain the requirements of the law and how they have successfully applied this within the culture, technology and business processes they have been involved with, over the years.

The course comes with a full and detailed manual, is CPD certified, and all necessary refreshments and lunch are provided on each day.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Course (1 Day)

The purpose of the GDPR training course is to give participants a fundamental understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation which is set to become law in 2018.

The 1 Day course explains the EU-wide legislation in the context of the individual’s right to privacy, as well as explaining the benefit of ensuring compliance – not merely in terms of how your organisation can meet its regulatory obligations, but also how your organisation can improve its data quality, ensure security for its IT assets, and reduce the risk of reputational damage which inevitably results from a data protection breach.

Each course involves workshops and practical delivery of accessible content, and will prove invaluable to those wishing to gain insight into how this significant legislation will affect business operations going forward.

Data Protection Onsite Course (1 Day)

Sytorus provides a summarised version of the Data Protection Primer for general staff, onsite for any client. This is a full day which includes a detailed run through of Irish Data Protection legislation, with the same manual provided to the attendees of the Data Protection Primer course.

The intention of this course, is to provide clear understanding of the practical expectations required from staff who process personal data, and to help embed the concept of best practice within their day to day behaviours.

Lunch & Learn

In addition, Sytorus provides a high level 1 hour Lunch & Learn for senior executives. Over 45 minutes Sytorus will clearly outline the importance of Data Protection and how, as a Reputational Risk event, it can impact on a brand and its underlining commercial value. In addition, we provide for a 15 minute Q & A to help answer any specific questions which may arise.

All we ask is that you provide the lunch part!

What our attendees are saying

Having attended numerous Data Protection courses over the past decade, I can say without fear of contradiction that this was the one that I benefited from most.  The training material and delivery style was engaging, fresh and memorable.  It is a course that I will continue to recommend to colleagues and industry peers. Gareth Davies, Head of Data Protection, Eircom
I found the seminar on Data Protection for Charities, delivered by Hugh Jones of Sytorus, extremely informative and practical.  It covered the existing obligations that affect charities as well as providing information on upcoming changes Martina Larkin, Housing Manager, Cheshire Ireland
I'd highly recommend the data protection primer course for anyone working with larger volumes of data content, particularly in a customer-focused capacity.  The content of the course is very detailed and comprehensive but Hugh delivers in a really lively fashion, keeping the momentum up with heaps of engaging anecdotes.  It has given our company a reliable backbone of information and guidance with which to make responsible decisions in the future. Kate O'Connor, Operations Manager, GrabOne
Sytorus's knowledge and guidance is second to none in the area of Data Protection.  Their team are a pleasure to work with and our employees have found them engaging and informative during data protection training.  A pleasure to partner with. Trevor Murphy, HR Director, DHL

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